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Dinowalrus - Best Behavior (CD)

Image of Dinowalrus - Best Behavior (CD)


Best Behavior is the debut UK release from Brooklyn, NY’s Dinowalrus, fronted by visual artist and sometime guitarist of Titus Andronicus, Pete Feigenbaum, and joined by Max Tucker and Liam Andrew.

Best Behavior features a meticulous attention to song-structure, production and listenability - an experiment in pushing their interests in krautrock, house music, post-punk and psychedelic rock into their most condensed, vocal-driven, danceable, hooky and coherent form, without losing the unique mad-cap ambience and instrumental playfulness of their earliest material.

1. The Gift Shop
2. Phone Home From The Edge
3. Beth Steel
5. Twenty Seven Club
6. What Now
7. Radical Man
8. Burners
9. Riding Eazy

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